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Cuisse Madame Feathered 125-150cm (Seedling Pear)

Feathered 125-150cm (Seedling Pear)
Seedling Pear - Vigorous
August - September
SKU: PEACUIM-41312515032


Synonym for Jargonelle, (qv) back in the late 18th C. “The Jargonelle was commonly called ‘Cuisse Madame’, this is certainly what the French gardeners call Jargonelle” (The Gardener’s Dictionary. Philip Miller 1768), and “(Jargonelle) … according to Mr Forsyth, the pear which commonly goes by that name here, is the real Cuisse Madam” (A Complete Dictionary of Practical Gardening. RW Dickson 1807). This Pear is believed to have originated from Scotland in