We have been growing roses for almost 100 years here in the Vale of Pickering, North Yorkshire. It takes our team of skilled nurserymen 4 years to produce a saleable rose bush, from ground preparation, planting the rootstock, budding, heading back and pruning, until the crop is finally ready to be lifted from our fields and sent out to our customers. We grow our roses the old-fashioned way, relying on crop rotation, soil preparation and good husbandry rather than high input fertilisers and pesticides, so the rose you buy will be tough, healthy and ready to flourish in its new home.

We currently grow 50,000 roses in over 650 varieties here on our nursery, specializing in some of the more obscure. heritage varieties. The rose field is usually in flower from the middle of July until autumn. You are welcome to visit and walk through the field so you can see, touch and smell the huge range available.