Naturalising Mixes - Kent

Minimum Purchase:
1 bulb
Flowering Season: 
Tall (approx. 70cm)

Hurry! 2023 season ending soon


This has to be the easiest way possible to provide colour in the garden from early March right up until mid-June. Starting with early white dwarf narcissi, bright yellow trumpet daffodils and botanical tulips, the colour scheme then changes as the months progress, to a wonderul show of blue camassias and purple alliums. Happy in grassland, meadows and verges in full sun.

Flower height: 20-70cm

Mowing: If planting in grass, you can mow or strim the grass from late June onwards.

Planting density: For a show-stopping display in the first year, plant at 110 bulbs per metre squared. Otherwise plant at 30-50 bulbs per metre squared for a display that will improve year after year as the bulbs spread and naturalise.

Pack size: Price shown is for one bag of approx. 110 bulbs.