Standard Trees



As part of the traditional methods we employ here at RV Roger, all our trees are grown on a 7 year rotation. At the end of that period, the field is then normally laid to pasture, and then is brought back into cultivation after the land has rested and soil health and fertility has been improved.

That means we can offer up 5 and 6 year old standard trees - 1.6-1.8m of clear stem, and then the canopy above - for instant impact. They are all bare root trees, so would need staking and keep a close on on watering in the first two years. 

They aren't generally listed on the website, as we are unable to send them out by mail order. The parcels are just too long, generally over 4m once the tree is packed and couriers are not willing to take such parcels. We can, however, have them available for collection from the nursery, or can possibly arrange local delivery within the Ryedale area. Get in touch and we'd be happy to check availability.


Standard apple trees are now in very limited numbers, but we have a wide selection of standard plums, gages, crab apples, cherries and quince. All grown on a vigorous rootstock to produce a traditional orchard tree approx. 7m or so at maturity.


We have very good selection of standard ornamental and native trees. These are graded by the circumference of the trunk, so sizes are classed as 6-8cm or 8-10cm for example. A good rule of thumb is that the circumference in centimetres equates to the overall height of the tree in feet - so an 8/10cm standard would normally be 8-10 feet (around 2.5m) tall at point of sale. Species include native woodland trees such as Carpinus (Hornbeam), Crataegus (Hawthorn) and Acer campestre (Field Maple), as well as decorative species of Malus (Crab Apple) and Prunus (Flowering Cherry).


All trees are available between November and March, and are for collection from the nursery. Send us your enquiry and we can get an up to date availability list back to you by return.