Grown in Yorkshire.

With a nursery of over 200 acres here in Pickering, in addition to roses, fruit trees and hedging we also grow a large range of ornamental and woodland trees. The species we offer vary from traditional woodland or native trees, to ornamental trees suitable for a small garden, offering a choice of blossom, foliage colour and berries to provide year round interest.

Giving specific height sizes for trees is a little like asking how long a peice of string is. Soil type, aspect and geographical location, as well as care and feeding, can make a huge difference to the ultimate height a tree can attain. As an example, we always find that the heights specified by the RHS (based in the south of the UK) are about 25% taller than we would expect the same tree to reach in Yorkshire. Instead we prefer to use the relative terms of 'small', 'medium' and 'large', to help you narrow down your choice. For more specific help, please email our team of professional nurserymen  who will be only too happy to help.



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