Colour Combinations - Hot and Cold

Minimum Purchase:
1 bulb
Flowering Season: 
Tall (approx. 80cm)

2023 season now closed. Website will reopen for orders in Spring 2024.


Traditional colour theory says that cooler colours retreat into the background, whereas hotter colours draw the eye and seem closer. Combine the two in this astonishing mix and you get an almost 3D effect. Background hues of powdery mauve, lilac and lavender pink form a calming backdrop to pops of warm red, brown and orange. Flowering starts in late March with various botanical tulips, muscari, chionodoxa and smaller narcissi. Through April, the level of exuberance is turned up to 11 with an explosion of larger Crown Fritillaries, and bold tulip and daffodil combinations.

Flower height: 15-80cm

Flowering period: Mid Season (March - May)

Planting density: For a show-stopping display, plant at 110 bulbs per metre squared. Otherwise plant in clumps of 12-15 bulbs between existing shrubs and herbaceous.

Pack size: Price shown is for one bag of approx. 100 bulbs.