Colour Combinations - Passion

Minimum Purchase:
1 bulb
Flowering Season: 
Tall (approx. 90cm)

2023 season now closed. Website will reopen for orders in Spring 2024.


An eye-catching combination of many different species - an underplanting of muscari and hyacinths, mid layer of yellow, purple and peach tulips, and topped with exuberant bursts of Crown Fritillaries. An amazing display of colour and from, and with a delicious fragrance too.

Flower height: 15-90cm

Flowering period: Mid Season (April - May)

Planting density: For a show-stopping display, plant at 120 bulbs per metre squared. Otherwise plant in clumps of 12-15 bulbs between existing shrubs and herbaceous.

Pack size: Price shown is for one bag of approx. 100 bulbs.