Naturalising Mixes - Oxford

Minimum Purchase:
1 bulb
Flowering Season: 
Short (approx. 30cm)

2023 season now closed. Website will reopen for orders in Spring 2024.


A mixture of bulbs to provide two distinct flowering periods. Through February and March, early crocus will provide a delicate patchwork of colour, before fading to be replaced by bright yellow narcissus, blue muscari and bright red tulips in April and May. Shorter-growing, so superb for an area of lawn or grass bank where it can be admired at close quarters. Bee-friendly, and will naturlaise quite happily.

Flower height: 10-30cm

Mowing: If planting in grass, you can mow or strim the grass from early June onwards.

Planting density: For a show-stopping display in the first year, plant at 350 bulbs per metre squared. Otherwise plant at 125-150 bulbs per metre squared for a display that will improve year after year as the bulbs spread and naturalise.

Pack size: Price shown is for one bag of approx. 350 bulbs.