Lonicera nitida - Hedging

£2.35 - £3.10
Common Name: 
Honeysuckle, Chinese
Formal Hedging

2023/24 season now closed


Sometimes known as ‘Poor man’s Box’, this is an excellent alternative to box hedging. Evergreen in all but the coldest conditions, fast-growing, easy to clip and tolerant of a wide range of soils, this is a much more economical and easy to look after substitute for box hedging.

Native to China, this shrubby honeysuckle is one of the toughest hedging plants around, as it will not only cope admirably with less than ideal conditions, but it is virtually pest and disease-free. It’s even resistant to damage from deer and rabbits. It does need regular clipping to keep in shape - use secateurs if you can and take your time with this, as otherwise the hedge can look a little ‘woody’ after a few years

Not only are the small glossy dark green leaves a perfect foil for more colourful plants in summer, but Chinese honeysuckle (Lonicera nitida) also produces an abundance of fragrant creamy white flowers in late spring. 

Give the plants plenty of space, as their vigorous growth will soon knit together to form a hedge - one plant every 45cm is ample.

Grows happily in sun or light shade. Easily makes a 120cm tall hedge.