Pear - Black Worcester

£23.50 - £35.00
Use fruit: 
October - December
Group C (self-sterile)
Iron Pear, Pound Pear
Worcestershire,UK (pre.1575)


A large pear, late to fruit, and so hard when uncooked that it deserves its nickname: of “The iron pear”. Dating back at least to Elizabethan times (some say Roman), this vigorous tree is renowned for its fruit appearing on the coat of arms of Worcester (allegedly because QE 1 liked its appearance so much). Prior to the potato arriving on English soils - this fruit was used in savoury dishes where it would withstand cooking for 2hrs without breaking down. Double cooking (e.g. stewed in a pan, before re-cooking under a crumble) brings out a delightful pink colour and aromatic taste. A highly ornamental tree when in full blossom.

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