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Prunus avium - Hedging

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Gean or Wild Cherry (Prunus avium) makes a wonderful addition to any mixed hedgerow, and while more commonly grown as a single specimen tree works extremely well as a hedging plant. The pure white blossom appears early in spring at the same time as the leaves emerge, followed by bright red fruits in early autumn. The fruit of the wild cherry is normally sour and has less flesh than a cultivated cherry, but birds and small mammals will feast on them and strip the plant in a matter of days. Autumn foliage colour can be spectacular, a stunning mix of reds and oranges as the days start to shorten and the nights draw in.

Geans are tough and hardy, native to the UK, but will not do well on very wet or waterlogged soils - as with all members of the Prunus family, they are more susceptible to canker in damp sites. Good light levels are needed, especially for the best crop of fruit, so plant in full sun if possible. Prune in dry spells in early spring to avoid the risk of pruning wounds allowing canker or silverleaf spores to infect the plant.

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