Rev. W. Wilks Espalier - low stem - 1 tier (M106)

Pollination Group: 
Group B
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Reverend Wilks was the Secretary of the RHS from 1888 - 1919 and this superb mid-season cooker was named in his honour by Messrs. Veitch of Slough in 1904 when it received an RHS Award of Merit. The very large fruit are a pale primrose yellow, flushed with a delicate pinky-red, which cook to a pale yellow froth with a delicate aromatic flavour. This variety makes a dwarfish tree suitable for small gardens and is very hardy and disease resistant, so does well even in the colder and wetter areas of the country. Crops are extremely heavy, with a slight tendency to be biennial. Partially thin crops in July to avoid this.This self-sterile culinary Apple is believed to have originated from Berkshire, UK in 1904