Rosa rugosa alba - Hedging

£2.25 - £3.00
Common Name: 
Rose, White Rugosa
Coastal Hedging
Field and Country Hedging
Wildlife Friendly Hedging

2023/24 season now closed


A white form of Rosa rugosa. Equally good as a seaside hedge and particularly nice when the two are mixed together.

Rugosa roses are perfect for a fast-growing, tough, informal hedge, screen or windbreak. They are some of the hardiest and most tolerant of any of the roses, so will grow in cold, exposed, sites, coastal locations, thin poor soils - pretty much anywhere except extremely damp, waterlogged sites. They quickly form a dense, impenetrable, thorny hedge - excellent as a burglar deterrent -  with disease-resistant foliage and large bright blooms in July. They only flower once, so don’t dead-head and instead be rewarded by masses of bright orange-red hips in late summer. The birds love them, but can equally be used to make rose-hip syrup, extremely high in Vitamin C.

Plant every 30-40cm in a single row for a dense single variety hedge, or else include a few in a mixed wildlife-friendly hedge. Colours can be mixed and matched to suit - or else go for a single colour for a more uniform look.

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