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Shipova Standard (Own Roots)

Standard (Own Roots)
partially self-fertile
Seedling Pear
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A very unusual pear - a cross between the European pear and the common Whitebeam (Sorbus aria), so the correct botanical name is actually x Sorbopyrus irregularis. No need to worry unduly about correct terminology however, as this is just a fantastic garden tree, hardy and quite compact in growth, producing large crops of small round yellow fruit with a slight blush of pinky red. The flavour resembles an Asian or nashi pear more than a traditional European pear - a crisp bite, plenty of juice and a superb balance of honey sweet and citrus acidity. Excellent for cold and damp spots where toher pears would struggle, and partilly self-fertile too!This partially self-fertile dessert Pear is believed to have originated from Alsace, France before 1612