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Viburnum lantana - Hedging

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Common Name: 
Wayfaring Tree
Field and Country Hedging
Wildlife Friendly Hedging
Shade Tolerant Hedging

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The Wayfaring tree (Viburnum lantana)  is a common native shrub, often seen in rural hedges or field boundaries throughout the UK. A deciduous shrub, which can naturally grow to 3-4m if left unpruned, produces pairs of rich grey-green leaves in spring before the domed clusters of tubular white flowers appear. In early autumn the orange red fruits which eventually turn black  make a bold splash of colour, contrasting well with the autumn foliage - it really is a plant to make you sit up and notice it (and hopefully remember your path home!). The common name was given to it by the herbalist Gerard in 1597 when he noticed it was a common sight on paths between Wiltshire and London.

Although preferring a chalky, alkaline site, wayfaring trees will actually tolerate quite a wide range of conditions, except for damp acidic sites. It does need some direct sunlight, although dappled shade would be fine.

Bees and especially butterflies love the flowers, the foliage is a good food source for several moth species, and the birds will devour the berries, so an excellent addition to a wildlife friendly hedge mix.

Plant every 30-40cm in a single row.

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