William's Bon Cretien Espalier - low stem - 1 tier (Quince A)

Espalier - low stem - 1 tier (Quince A)
partially self-fertile
Quince A - Semi-dwarfing
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A very old and famous English variety, found in a schoolmaster's garden at Aldermaston in Berkshire in the 1760s. In 1797 it was taken to the United States and renamed Bartlett, still one of the most important pears in the US. Large thin-skinned fruit with a fine-textured flesh are very sweet and juicy with a strong musky aroma. Very hardy and reliable in the North, although slightly susceptible to scab when grown in wetter areas. A fantastic variety for eating warm straight off the tree.This partially self-fertile dessert Pear is believed to have originated from Berkshire, UK in about 1760