Apple - Blenheim Orange

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November - February
Group C (self-sterile)
Botanic Name: 
Malus domestica 'Blenheim Orange'
Bénédictin, Kempster’s Pippin
Oxfordshire,UK (1781)


Discovered by a Mr Kempster of Woodstock, Oxford in the late 18th C close to Blenheim House. Originally named Kempster's Pippin in honour of the finder, it was subsequently renamed Blenheim Orange in honour of the Duke of Marlborough (Blenheim Palace), and advertised as such from about 1804. The large, round flat fruit are dull yellow, flushed red, with a slightly russeted skin, being crisp, sweet, juicy and with a distinctive almost nutty flavour. Makes a large, spreading flat headed tree that fruits better with age. Notable offspring include Revd. Bramley’s Seedling, Cox’s Orange Pippin, and Newton wonder.

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