Apple - Bramley's Seedling

£22.00 - £63.50
Ready to pick: 
Use fruit: 
November - May
Group C (self-sterile)
Botanic Name: 
Malus domestica 'Bramley's Seedling'
Rev'd Bramley's Seedling
Nottinghamshire,UK (1809)


Large flat, round fruit, greenish yellow with slight red flush. Cooks well, gives plenty of juice, which can be used as an ‘acid carrier’ for blending in cider. A vigorous grower with thick, spreading branches. This best known of all cooking apples does have some snags: Apart from its size, the flowers are very sensitive to frost, and being a Triploid, it is not a pollinator of other apples and needs a pollinator to ensure cropping. It was raised between 1809 and 1813 by Miss Mary Anne Brailsford in her garden at Church Street, Southwell. Her cottage, along with the tree, passed to a Mr Bramley a local butcher, and Henry Merryweather offered the tree for sale.

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