Apple - Discovery

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August - September
Group C (self-sterile)
Botanic Name: 
Malus domestica 'Discovery'
Thurston August
Essex,UK (1949)


Yellow flushed orange scarlet, comparable in size and shape with Worcester Pearmain from which it was raised (believed open pollinated by Beauty of Bath). Its leaves are scab and mildew resistant. The fruits - white flesh crisp, firm and juicy - are well flavoured and do not drop prematurely, therefore they can be picked over a comparatively long period. Shelf life of full three weeks. An excellent pollinator of other early flowering varieties, blossom has some frost resistance, inclined to be tip bearing. It was raised by Mr Dummer of Blacksmiths Corner Langham. Essex in 1949 and originally named Thurston August by Mr J Matthews of Matthews Fruit Trees Ltd. of Bury St Edmunds. Suffolk.

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