Apple - Worcester Pearmain

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Ready to pick: 
Use fruit: 
September - October
Group C (self-fertile)
Botanic Name: 
Malus domestica 'Worcester Pearmain'
Worcestershire,UK (1870)


Crimson, medium sized fruit. Best picked and eaten fresh from the trees, it can be eaten as early as August in the South of England. Produces huge crops especially when Charles Ross is used as its pollinator. Bears a good crop in most years, unless you forget that it is a tip bearer and prune off your next crop! This beautiful apple is susceptible to scab but resistant to frost and does not mind Lime Sulphur spray. The apple originated in the market garden of Mr Hale at Swan Pool, near Worcester in the 1700s and is probably a seedling from Devonshire Quarrenden. The excellent Lord Lambourne and Discovery are two of its progeny.

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