Charles Ross Espalier - low stem - 1 tier (M106)

Dual Purpose
Pollination Group: 
Group C
partially self-fertile
Late Season (Oct - Dec)
Available to order now for delivery November 2022
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Raised in Berkshire c 1890 by Charles Ross who was the Head Gardener at Welford Park in Newbury, and is a cross between Cox's Orange Pippin (from which it gets some of its flavour) and Peasgood's Nonsuch (from which it gets its size). It makes a modestly sized tree tolerant of a wide range of soils and climates, and is hardy with a tolerance of coastal conditions and chalky soils. The fruit are greenish-yellow, flushed red and striped, the juice of which can be used for cider-making.This partially self-fertile dual-purpose Apple is believed to have originated from Berkshire, UK in about 1890