Cherry - Morello

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Late July to Early September
Use fruit: 
Late July - Early September
Botanic Name: 
Prunus cerasus 'Morello'
English Morello, Large Morello, Black Morello, Northern Griotte, Murillo, Milan, Dutch Morello, Late Morello, Ronalds' Large Morello, Cerise du Morel, Griotte Ordinaire du Morel, Morelle, Crown Morello
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The best of all cherries for culinary purposes it is a hardy tree, and an abundant bearer. The dark red flesh produces a dark-coloured juice; with a sprightly, tart flavour of superior quality; small stone. The tree is very attractive in blossom, and does not need full sun, so is one of the few fruits which can be successfully grown on a north-facing wall; winner of an RHS Award of Garden Merit.

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