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Pear - Fondante de Charneu

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November -
Legipont, Belle Excellente, Beurré des Charneuses, Fondante de Charneuse,Charneau,Carmes,Charneuses,Charneux,Désiré,Due de Brabant, De Legipont, Merveille de Charneu, Waterloo
Belgium (c.1800)
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Better known as Légipont (Morgan), this variety arose from a chance seedling found by M Martin Légipont, and named after the town in Belgium where he lived. It is a large pear with buttery white flesh that has a rich, sugary flavour, but best eaten when green, as the flavour tends to fade rapidly. Was commonly used as one of the varieties for making the Belgian soft fruit jam stroop.

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