Tree Guard - Biodegradable Spiral Guard (green)

Perfect for: 
Protecting any young tree from mice, vole and rabbit damage.


Green tinted biodegradable spiral guards, for protection against damage by field mice, voles and rabbits. Easy to fit, and essential if there are rabbits nearby - if they strip the bark around the circumference of the main stem, there is a very good chance your new tree will perish. Oh, and please put a guard on as soon as you have planted your tree. Don't be tempted to leave it until tomorrow - every year we get calls from customers whose new orchard has been ravaged the same night it was planted! We are pleased to offer these spirals made from 100% biodegradable materials. They undergo a two stage degradation process, with an expected life span of around 4 -5 years, before eventually they can be composted.