A Guide to Choosing Apples - Part Two.

A Guide to Choosing Apples - Part Two.

In Part One of our guide, we looked at some of the general considerations of choosing apple varieties, along with a few favourite eaters. Time to widen the net and offer up some more suggestions for a wider range of uses and situations. If after reading all of this you are still unsure, don't worry -we're here to help! We've put together a simple form (affectionately nicknamed the Appletron 5000) which contains most of the information we need to guide you on your way. Fill in as much as you can, send it back to us and we will happily point you in the right direction:

Help Me Choose!

Otherwise use the following suggestions as a starting point to guide you on your journey:

If you like Cox’s Orange Pippin: Lord Lambourne, Sunset, Superb 

If you like a slightly softer sweeter apple: James Grieve, Fortune, Greensleeves, Ellison’s Orange 

If you want an apple to eat fresh from the tree: Epicure, Early Worcester, Irish Peach 

If you want an eating apple which stores well: Crispin, Tydeman’s Late Orange, Sturmer Pippin, Colapuy

If you want a cooking apple which falls on cooking: Bramley, Grenadier, Monarch

If you want a cooking apple which keeps it shape: Howgate Wonder, Lord Derby

If you want a good early cooking apple: Arthur Turner, Rev W Wilkes

If you want a disease-resistant dessert variety: Discovery, Ellison’s Orange, or Fiesta 

If you want a disease-resistant culinary variety: Early Victoria, Grenadier or Monarch 

If you only have space for one tree, consider a dual purpose variety: Blenheim Orange, Charles Ross, Newton Wonder, Keswick Codling

If you want to try something more unusual, go for one of the connoisseur’s apples: Ashmead’s Kernel, Court Pendu Plat, Orleans Reinette, St Edmund’s Pippin, Lady Sudeley

If you want a russeted variety: Brownlee’s Russet, Rosemary Russet 

If you want a sweet, mid-season eater: Michaelmas Red, Red Gravenstein 

If you want an all-rounder; eater, cooker, cider, striking blossom: Golden Spire, Katy