Native Hedging - mix (per metre)

£7.80 - £8.80
Minimum Purchase:
5 metres
Supplied as: 
bare root plants between November and March
2023/24 season now closed


A wonderful mix of native hedging plants. Designed to provide a robust and easy to grow hedge which will not only give interest throughout the seasons, but also prove to be invaluable for wildlife.

The core plant will be quickthorn (Crataegus monogyna), which will from 50% of the mix. It's tough, easy to grow on almost any soil, and the blossom is a good source of nectar, whilst the berries provide autumn food for birds. We will also include a mix of at least 4 other species, again all chosen to provide a good-looking native hedge, but also act as shelters or food sources to encourage wildlife into your garden. There might be sloes, dog roses, field maple, cherry plum, dogwood, guelder rose or spindle bushes - all fantastic additions to native hedge.

The specific varieties we supply may vary according to availability, and will also depend on the quantity ordered. If you order more than 10 metres of hedging, we will try and provide as many different species as possible.All plants are suppled as two-year-old hedging transplants, with a good sturdy root system in place to give them the best possible start. On arrival they will either be 40-60cm or 60-100cm tall, but on planting we encourage giving any new hedging plant a light trim to encourage dense bushy growth.

All plants are labelled, and the exact mix will also be listed on your delivery note, so you know what you have planted.

We will supply 4 plants per metre, so spacing for a single row is a plant every 25cm. The traditional double-staggered row planting was originally designed for producing stock-proof hedges. For a garden partition or boundary, it is rarely appropriate, as it produces a much wider hedge which takes up valuable garden space. If you do want to plant in this way, contact us and we will provide a bespoke quote for you.