Rhamnus frangula - Hedging

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Common Name: 
Buckthorn, Alder
Field and Country Hedging
Wildlife Friendly Hedging
Shade Tolerant Hedging

2023/24 season now closed


A native of British hedgerows. Also known as glossy buckthorn, this makes a great addition to a mixed hedge - if soil conditions allow. Unlike common buckthorn, alder buckthorn (Rhamnus frangula) requires full sun and a damp,acidic soil to thrive - don’t plant on thin, chalky soils. In a damp spot with lots of light, it will quickly make a dense hedge, producing small yellow flowers in late spring and purple black berries in autumn, which birds, and thrushes in particular, love. It is, along with common buckthorn, a food plant for the common brimstone butterfly. Alder buckthorn is not thorny.

For most garden hedges, plant in a single row, spacing plants every 30cm.