Colour Combinations - Unexpected Beauty

Minimum Purchase:
1 bulb
Flowering Season: 
Medium (approx. 60cm)

Available to pre-order for delivery September - November 2024.
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Orange and purple are two very differnt colours which sit on opposite sides of the colour wheel. Traditional colour theory would have that they clash - orange is a'warm' colour, while purple is 'cool'. However, combination of the two in this mix is indeed an unexpected beauty - the colours pop into life, bringing vivid colour to the border or for planting in pots. A superb collection for flowering throughout the month of May.

Flower height: 55-65cm

Flowering period: Late Season (May)

Planting density: For a show-stopping display, plant at 60 bulbs per metre squared. Otherwise plant in clumps of 9-12 bulbs between existing shrubs and herbaceous.

Pack size: Price shown is for one bag of approx. 100 bulbs.