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Cherry - May Duke

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Ready to pick: 
Late June
Use fruit: 
Late June
Botanic Name: 
Prunus x gondouinii 'May Duke'
Duke, Early Duke, Early May Duke, Large May Duke, Morris's Duke, Anglaise Hátive, Royale Hátive and many others


Tender, juicy with a rich flavour; stone is small; appears to thrive in ordinary soils and in most situations; tree is vigorous, hardy and a heavy cropper; the name May Duke is supposed to be a corruption of Medoc, from where this type of cherry was first brought; although, that said, it was known in France as Anglaise Hátive (the English early) which suggests British origins; all in all, an excellent cherry. The fruits have a small stone, and are red, tender, with a dark-coloured juice that stains red.

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